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Coworkers can make a difference

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

I learned early in business that coworkers can make a difference.If you read my other articles on my first sales experience or how I sold over $150,000 worth of clothes in one year, this article supplements those articles.Just in case if you did not read them, I will explain briefly.When I was 18 years old I had my first sales experience selling clothes and I sold over $150,000 worth of clothes in one year.The reason why I was successful in doing this is attributed to several factors which include:

1. The right manager

2. Product training

3. A sales strategy

4. My commitment

5. Co-workers

Like attracts like

In fact, I was not the only one who sold $150,000 worth of clothing. There were three other co-workers who were sales associates who sold close to $150,000. At a very young age I learned that having the right co-workers around you will make a difference. In fact, I call this team building.

Sometimes, this happens when you hire people that are alike. In that clothing store, I referred my best friend Jack Kelly to my manager. And the other two guys Mike Jui and Mark Jennings were friends. In the end all four of us became very close friends. The important thing is that we all had things in common and more so at work. We all competed against each other in a healthy manner. Also, we all had personal goals and more important store goals. We competed against 100 other stores across the nation. We wanted to rank in the top 10 always in the nation. In summary, having the right co-workers in sales can make a difference. Also, if you own a company or if you are a sales manager having the right team will lead to success much faster. This experience helped me build teams in the future when I became and entrepreneur. Sometimes, you don’t have to look to far. One of my best friends said “the apples don’t fall from the tree”. If you have an excellent worker or salesperson, more than likely their friends or best friends may be very similar. Hiring those people will become much faster and cheaper than looking in the outside.

By Gil Zapata

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