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Media & Public Appearances

U.S. News Mediums 

A sample of the more than 20 newspapers, magazines, and radio interviews featuring Gil can be found here. Gil has been featured in both English and Spanish media channels.  He has been featured in major publications such as: Entrepreneur Magazine, the Miami Herald, Debanked, Success Today, Negocios Magazine and many more. a lot of his work is available in Spanish.

To View Articles Published -  CLICK HERE

If you are interested in contacting Gil for an interview or speaking engagement, please visit the contact pages.



gil zapata business consulting - appear in entrepreneur magazine

Workshops & Seminars

Gil has provided numerous workshops and seminars throughout his entrepreneurial career to business organizations, universities, entrepreneurs and business owners.   He has spoken at numerous forums in both English and Spanish around the world. 


He has spoken at Forums with reputable companies and organizations to include: Bank of America, Florida International University, Funding Post held event featuring Daymon John from the reality TV Show Shark Tank, PSE Inc., a Certified U.S. SBA micro lender, Harvard Business, and more.


He has provided workshops on numerous topics to include: Entrepreneurship, Business Finance, Private Equity, Raising Capital, Alternative Business Lending, Personal Development, Motivation, Cultural Business Topics, International Trade and more.


Gil can speak at your next forum, workshop, or company. 


International appearances (LATAM)

Gil has appeared in numerous publications, tv stations, and 
workshops in Latin America. 

Spanish: El Sr. Zapata a partcipado en conferencias y como un invitado en varios medios de comunicaciones en los EE.UU. y Latinoamerica.   

El Sr. Zapata siempre esta dispuesto para servir como un 
conferencista o partcipar como un experto con los medios de comunicacion en su pais.  El puede hablar sobre temas financieros, finanzas a PYMES o sobre temas de emprendedurismo y negocios en el internet. Comunicarse hoy con Gil Zapata. 


gil zapata helps partners for self employment inc
gil zapata provides business conference to small biz
gil zapata media appearance on business consulting topics
gil zapata business consulting provides conference for negocios magazine
gil zapata appears on international news media - business advisor
gil zapata assisting entrepreneurs on tv
gil zapata business advisor discusses digital marketing
gil zapata on cdnn tv business advisor
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