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Powerful questions in life will make a difference as an entrepreneur

Anthony Robbins states, “Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”This is very true.Early in life I learned this.When I entered college, I was not admitted into regular classes. I did not want to take remedial courses.I asked the director, “If I take regular classes and fail it’s my time and it’s money, correct? By making your point and adding a word like correct or true at the end, will help you get the answer that you are seeking.

Remove fear from customers

For instance, with clients in finance I would always ask, “What’s the worst thing that could happen, if you proceeded with this transaction?”If you are in sales, asking what is the worst thing that can happen removes the fear factor, from the customer.Also, asking questions such as “would you agree?” For example, if you took this business loan it would help you buy the inventory your business needs, would you agree?” These questions lead to either a no or yes answer.If you are correct in your statement, when you finish the question with would you agree or is that correct or true, more than likely the answer will be Yes.And a yes response is always in your favor.

How to apply questioning skills

You can apply this to any area of your life to improve your communication and outcome.Asking powerful questions in life will make a difference as an entrepreneur.An entrepreneur has to deal with many areas in business to include customers, staff, salespeople, vendors, creditors, debtors, and more. Knowing, who you’re speaking with and the outcome you are seeking is important.This will help you prepare better questions when you face other people in business.

I happen to learn this not in business, but in my personal life. I learned that asking powerful questions would lead to the results I was seeking.This not only helped later in life become a better salesperson or entrepreneur but helped me achieve many things.As a result, I was able to get scholarships, credit, investors, and open the doors in many areas of my life.Inherently, most people will they you No.There is a study that indicates that by the time we are five years old we have heard the word No, more than yes. I am a believer that the word “No” has been registered in our brain since childhood. Think about for a minute, most parents tell their children “don’t touch that, No don’t that, No; not right now”. Aside, from parenthood, we have negative news.Every news channel places fear in us which causes us to say No to things. Last, there are people who learn how to say No, to avoid compromise.In the world of business or sales, you have to understand that a normal response is “NO”. By asking powerful questions, you will be able to get around this challenge.


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