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About Gil


"First Who Than What?"

Behind these pages you can learn a lot about Gil's professional life and credentials.  "People do business with you because the know you, like you and trust you.  It's the KLT factor", states Gil. 


Gil is known for working countless hours.  Don't be surprise if you find him at 6:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m. working.  He beleives that success is a compositon of living a balanced life.  Gil finds time to go to the gym, swim, or roller blade on a regular basis.  He loves to cook and manages to maintain a healthy diet.  He enjoys being around people and attends, social events, business networking events, and family gatherings.  Gil loves to travel for both pleasure and work.  He has visisted countless states within the United States and countries around the world.  He loves to snow skii, skim board, horse back ride, canoe, fishing, boating, and any other adventure you can think of.   He loves the arts, music, and is taking guitar classes in his spare time.  He loves reading.  Gil reads at least 3 to 5 books per year. 


Also, he loves helping people and giving back. 


Last, Gil is a native from Nicaragua and he immigrated to the United States at a very young age in 1980.  He lived away from his parents until the age of 14.  Today, he considers his parents to be his best friends, his best advisors, and the people who taught him simple values and principles.  Since 1990, he makes it a habit to travel to his country of origin.  He loves the mountain side, adventure, horse back riding, the beach, and everything that his country has to offer.


"I remember my first essay in college.  I wrote, I want to obtain a college degree so I can be a well rounded individual.  Today, I have lived that dream.  I have been with indegineous people in the ruins of Bolivia and multi-millonaires in Miami and New York.  I have eaten in some of the most humble places and some of the most luxurious restaurants.  I went from $0 to $1 Milllion and from $1 Million to $0.  I have been able to go back out and do it again.  I have learned to appreciate life and see the virtues in all types of people.  Life is really a gift and we must live it.  I have learned to do simple things that over time make a huge difference.  Life is truly a gift.  We give to much thought to things; to the past, to the future, and the only moment we have is NOW, this second.  Why wait, there is never a perfect moment to do something than NOW, " states Gil. 


Gil has many mentors, coaches, and friends.  In business, he loves the Richard Branson style.  Gil has a very similar style to life and to business.  He beleives that one must love what they do and enjoy it.  One of his goals in life is to meet one day, Mr. Richard Branson.  


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